If you really want to enjoy the flow, kindly read PART 1, PART 2 and PART 3 first

Now, PART 4 continues:

Mr Patrick needs to contact his Director General. As to who that is, Allahu A’allam (Only God knows). But in American company settings, that should be the CEO of the company..

Does it mean, he spoke to TIM COOK? Well, this scammer is capable of anything. He can even call God.

Sure! He’s putting in enough effort, I don’t have to make it a waste. I equally want to work at Silicon Valley.

I told him I will go to bank around 10am to deposit the $200. But after 5 minutes after 2pm, something changed.

Read on!

He is right, It’s being tough. From part one to Part 4.

I think at this point, he began to suspect..

He produced the Offer Letter, as a bait… Don’t forget Mr Reader, He initially told I will get it on arrival. I told will chat him later I’m in a bank. Well, I was at office seriously working on my Concept Paper. 

Hopefully, before this year ends, I will hit SHS and Tertiary schools. To educate students, an alternative to Scamming. That is Digital Entrepreneurship.

The youth simply love the Internet. i strongly believe, if there is a  genuine business they can do online, that equally fetches, they won’t go into scamming

The letter in full


I was foolishly imaging something around $3,000 a month. Never knew it’s $10,500.00 a month. I don’t know where he got this figure from.

And the allowances and entitlement: This one de3, Buhari and Nana Addo self go jealous.!!

I think it’ s all clear now, He isn’t that professional as I thought. How can you produce such a terrible offer letter, claiming it’s from Apple Inc.

  • The grammer
  • The casing
  • The alignment
  • Paragraphing

My main purpose now is

1) To waste his time

2) Try and get his real ID


I came back, singing same song. At this time his suspicion grew

For this first time, He’s been smarter. He deleted the VISA so fast before I could download. He wanted to send a blur copy but what he send was not blurred. He just edited some online visa sample and put my picture there. Then edited the details.

There are lots of such edited once online.

Below is am example. I got this from online.

I can easily place my picture on it to give below

It dosnt really look genuine yet, it still need necessary cropping and background blending. Then Change the information on it and that will be all. It should not take more than 20min.

Connection Men normally use this trick. If they are 100% the VISA will come, (Visas like Dubai, Kuwait, etc). They will edit existing Visa and send to client on Whatsapp or Mail.. So the client will pay the money in full. Then they will either switch their phones or start narrating Ananses3m. 

Let’s move on with Patrick

He added more evidence to prove he is real.

Stupid as he is, He made it blur. So I won’t see what VISA it is. and told

Thats Mr J Clark from Uganda!

With the help of Sheikh Google, I did a little reverse engineering and got the picture and few details about it.

This is the picture he used

It’s all clear, it’s a Canadian Visa.

The man in the picture is called Michael Opoku Gyebi. he got his VISA back 2013 to study in Canada.

One Broni, called Jessica Campbell, met Michael at the Canadian Embassy, then decided to write article about Michael’s experience on applying for Visa. That is what brought this picture online. The Obroni was investigating WHY she gets 6 marriage proposals a day in Ghana. That took her to the Canadian embassy and latter to Ghana Immigration Services.

Enough of that, let’s move on:

I tried given him prove that I still trust him. (I hope this is not inducement).

I’m still trying to find a way to get his official ID. Unfortunately, he came with another excuse, I had to pretend his reason is genuine.


I saw it a bit irritating, and decided to end the whole show. At least PART 1 to part 4 is OK. We’ve all learn something NEW.

As eager as he is to rip me off $200.00. He bounced back!

I didn’t mind him again!

And you know what. This afternoon, he called me on whatsapp.

Just keep fingers crossed, there is enough for PART 5. I mean it!


Needless to say, I’m Kaunda, I just love the Internet.

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