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Here goes part 3!!

Next on the agenda is to pay the $200.00 whatever fee. Don’t forget, he initially told me to pay 3% ($300.00 as commitment to the VISA processing fee). After he reviewed my CV, the percentage changed from 3% to 2%($200.00). No reason given.

Anyway, let’s move to part 3. He requested for my Passport copy. Which I did.

Remember, When filling the application form, I gave wrong data on

  1. Last Net salary
  2. Passport Number
  3. Referee
  4. Signature

I thought he wanted to cross check Passport number and Signature. But later I realized, he didn’t even care about what’s on it.

I could have edited the Passport before sending,but just gave it out.

One thing a hacker can do if he gets your personal data is to reset your password. There are some accounts you can reset if you know the person’s date of birth and few other details. I’v set Two-way authentication in all my key accounts. So just the date of birth can not reset any.

Two-Way authentication goes like this:

Aside password and username, you add a third layer. It could be your phone, email or a code you have in your wallet.

Take Gmail for instance, if you set Two-way authentication (or Two-Factor authentication)

  1. Enter Username
  2. Enter passwor
  3. Click Login
  4. A code will be send to your third layer (your phone, or email)
  5. You will have to enter that code from your phone or from another email before it opens. You can also have a notification on your phone like how Mobile Money Approved comes, when you are making transaction. This comes with YES or NO. If you press YES on your phone, your email will open. If you press NO. it will not login.

What this means, your still save if someone gets your username and password. The person will have to get access to your phone or your third email before he can login to your email.

What some guys do, if they have your username and password, is to use Social Engineering (419 or Azaar) to get that code.

  1. They will enter your username
  2. They will enter your password
  3. A code will come to your phone
  4. They will call you direct and say something like (Hello, I’m doing registration, I mistakenly typed number wrongly, the code has come to your phone, kindly mention to me.. PLEASE DONT!!

Recommendation: Kindly set Two-Factor authentication on all your online accounts (Facebook, email, and all other social media). Back January, this year:

One of Gmail’s most effective security features is hardly used by anyone, Google has revealed.

Thus, less than 10% of gmail users have enabled Two-Factor Authentication

Enough of that, let’s continue with the Apple guy 🙂

Next he sent me a VISA form. Of course, he still thinks I’m idiot. So I will fill VISA form on whatsapp.

Then he brought it!

Along side is a reminder to make the payment on Monday.


Hours later, he came back.

Of course, I haven’t.

I sent the bright Passport Photograph,

Of course not yet. I was just relaxing, reading. As said earlier in the (Part 1). One of my motive is to let him waste his time on me. That will save others who might be vulnerable. It’s a nice way to handle scammers.

Yesterday (Monday) was the pay day. He’s expecting his $200.00 and I did all I could to keep his hope alive!


He said that’s fine!

When he read I’m on my way to Bank, he re-notify to use the Dubai Account.

Take note of the name: Joseph Nwaokoro. I asked on facebook what comes to mind when a name like Nwaokoro is mentioned

One comment was funny. Check it out

I know he is anxiously waiting for his $200.00. I was also busy blowing system units at office. About 15 of them. too much dust.

At 12:26pm, I came back to him with a bit of sad news.

Then he send sample of western Union receipt

Receipt in full view

Two things I’m trying to achieve here. To figure out the Sender and Recipient, and their details. Now I know Joseph Nwaokoro is not a fake name. He has indeed receive  WU before. Unfortunately, no mobile number of the Receipt.

My next mission is to get his Official ID.

Ohh it’s all over!! He will call for termination of appointment and Visa. Too bad. I can’t visit America again 🙁

My Kia Sorento. I can’t go to Tepa again.

Of course, I didn’t stepped out from Any bank as said in the chat. I was busy cleaning computers. But around 1pm, I went to UniBank to make little inquiry.

Kaunda: Good morning Sir, Is it possible to send money from Ghana via Western Union

UniBank Customer Attendant: No, In Ghana you can only receive . You can not send someone Western Union.

Kaunda: Thank you.

This is a good info. I know how to deal with him finally, when I’m done wasting his time.

And on this note, I say wasallam. (End of PART 3)

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Note: Along side, I’v also submit a mail to apple

Just stay tuned! You aren’t seen nothing yet!t

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