You will miss the whole show if you haven’t read part 1.Kindly read it first. Check it out

Here goes PART 2:

I filled the application formed, signed it, scanned it and send to him as he requested in the previous day.

He has changed his profile picture. A bit of design, with Apple logo on it. and his position (Administrative Officer)

Maybe, to increase my believe that he really works at Apple Inc.

Below is the form form.

Few of the info are fake

  1. Passport Number
  2. Last Net Salary
  3. Referred By
  4. and of course, Signature

The rest are already out on the Internet. He can easily do boolean search on Google to find them. No need faking them.

I sent the form to him

He acknowledged it and promised to get back within 24hrs.

He has gotten Muugu, so he won’t fail his promise. Hours later, then came the Holy Appointment from Apple Inc. Kaunda is finally employed as a Solution Engineer, Apple Inc. 

Do I even know what it is? I’v head solution engineer before but don’t really know what their work is about  I did quick check on Quora and found below. [Thanks to Sheikh Google and Evangelist Quora]

It has nothing to with my SEO Specialist I put on the form. [Round peg in square hole paa nie.]

Anyway, who cares? All that matters is,

As Anokye goes to England, Kaunda goes to Calif

There on arrival, I will get my Appointment letter. I know of Visa on Arrival. But first time hearing Appointment Letter on Arrival.

Even someone who goes to the Gulf State as a Khadama (House Help) will receive his appointment letter here in Ghana before taking off.

What will you tell custom officers at Kotoka. Appointment on arrival?

Anyway, Let’s move on.

Then the Certificate came

The certificate in full:

[I just hope my Asante Kente and Dagomba Fugu GIFT is not an INDUCEMENT]

The guy is a professional. BUT the problem I have with him is. He thinks I’m dump. Why will you put Steve Jobs signature there? Someone who died 5 years ago.

Not withstanding,

I like his certificate design. He got the Apple Inc Address correct too. One Infinite Loop, CA 95014

If you check from Apostle Wikipedia through the inspiration of Prophet Google, you will get below

Le’ts move on with our conversation.

Now all is certain. I’m Apple Inc worker. I don’t know my monthly salary but I know it will be mouth-watering. A company that earns $4,000+ in a second. Yes! In a second

At least if after tax I get $1,000/month koraa, 3ny3 bad. I will be able to save about $500/every month.

No! At least I should be paid $3,000.00 every month. This is Apple Inc Kaunda is going to work for, Not RLG or Kasappa. It’s right inside Silicon Valley. Not James Town. I should be paid well now!

I should have enough to redeem my dignity from all those Red Devils who rejected me. The waakye seller at Tech, The provision shop owner at Accra. That girl from Wamfie, who is now in Watford, That Kookoo Farmers daughter in Wamanafo. And that Dark Dark lady in Wamanafo. And the one doing national service in Dormaa (I can’t believe it! Too many rejections). And all those who didn’t even turn to look at me, When I said Helooo my Dear. They should get ready, I will come to Ghana this Christmas Holiday. At Accra, I will rent Kia Sorento for 2 weeks and chase them again. I have unfinished business with them.

Alternatively, I will drive straight to Tepa to fine the 4-acre land owner

Lemme even shut up and leave all my Hmmm Hmmm in my mind.


What is next is to be fast and pay the $200 so that I can get the Appointment letter on arrival.

I’v told him I will make the payment on Monday. So I need to know the payment mode.

I asked him.

That name Nwaokoro. What country comes to mind? I will love to hear at the comment section.

See you next for PART 3. God willing