Maybe you are starting a new company, or a new enterprise, or you want to take an existing company online. In either way, you will need a website. To build a website, you first of all need a domain name.


Having the perfect dot-com domain name will probably be out of reach to you as a first-time entrepreneur. Almost all the good domain names are sold out. And those that are available for resell might be really costly. Ideally, a domain name should cost around $20 or GH¢100 a year. You must renew it every year. Your site will disappear if you don’t.

Here are some tips that will help you identify a great domain name for your business:

  • Consider your brand name as your domain. If your business name is Asmed Enterprise. Check if is available. If that is not avaiable then check
  • Choose a domain name that can be spelled easily and can be communicated over the phone without confusion.
  • Do not use a hyphenated domain name. Your customers will likely forget to type in the hyphen when going to your website.
  • Use a thesaurus to identify words that are related to your industry that you could use in your domain.
  • Use domain name idea generation tools like,,, and
  • Consider using an alternative TLD instead of .com (Thus, if you don’t get a good .com)
  • Consider prefixing your domain with a verb like, “get.” DropBox started with the domain name, “”
  • Don’t make it too long. Max 15 character. With this length, you can confidently use your domain name as your twitter handle. Twitter username has a limit of 15 characters (Letters)
  • If you have money, register is for more years. In that way, price change won’t affect you. You can register it for a max of 10 years.
  • Use country specific domain name. They are relatively costly though compare to a .com but in return, you will have an advantage when optimizing your website for search engines.
  • Do a background check, if the domain name you want to buy has not being used for spam,phishing  or other malicious activities before.  Thus, check if the domain name is not flagged