A .com currently cost around $20.00.

A .com.gh currently cost around $40.00

Business wise, it make sense to buy .com than .com.gh BUT…

A .com.gh (called country specific domain) has some advantages

  1. It gives more credibility to your business. You must register your company in Ghana before you can apply for .com.gh But everyone can register a .com. Risk wise, it makes sense to deal with a site that is .com.gh than a .comGoogle Search Engine has something called Localization.
  2. How it works: When people search for something in Ghana, Google tries to search for websites in Ghana that has the searched info before looking else where. A .com.gh gives a clear sign to Google that your website is in Ghana. Another trick google uses is where the website is hosted.
  3. You are helping to build the Ghana IT infrastructure 🙂

If you are convinced and want to register a .com.gh or .org.gh or .net.gh instead of .com|.org|.net THEN first consider the rules(Guidelines) below:

  • The domain administrator must be located in Ghana and the company of the domain administrator should have been registered in Ghana.
  • Company registration details are required for application.
  • Primary DNS for registered domain under .gh are encouraged to be in Ghana but not required and intended to help the development of Ghana’s telecommunication and Information technology infrastructure
  • The domain should be more than three(3) characters. Eg. ama.com.gh. Exceptions are .edu.gh domains for school or academic institutions. Eg. ucc.edu.gh
  • Domain names registered under the top-level .gh domains should be active within six months after registration(Note: No one cares what happens after you buy a .com. You can leave it for 10 years without building  a website)
  • Domains will generally be registered under these sub-domains:
    com.gh ie. company.com.gh, edu.gh ie. school.edu.gh, org.gh ie. organisation.org.gh, mil.gh ie. military.com.gh
  • The Cost for registering a domain under the top-level .gh for a year is US $43.58. This amount is also payable in cedis according to the prevailing exchange rate on the day of payment
  • For details on registration of premium domain names kindly contact support@ghana.com

If you’ve satisfied all the above……then pull your browser (Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Avant, Maxthon,Opera,Mozila,etc) and head over to https://www.ghana.com/ghnic/

You will see below:

Click on [Click Here To Start Registration] to fill the form below


Ideally, their system is supposed to tell you the domain is available or not. It does tell but I don’t trust it. The first domain I checked here was internet.com.gh. The system said: domain name is free for submission

I filled the form and submitted.

It took over a week, still no news from then. So I sent a follow up mail. And was told. That domain is already registered. So I can’t.

I came back to the site to check and it read “Sorry domain name already submitted for process !!!”

I submitted another domain name data.com.gh

Currently, when you check, it says “Sorry domain name already submitted for process !!!”

Hopefully, I will be able to register it. It’s already over a month now, I’v send 2 follow up mails. Still no news from them. It’s perfectly normal NOT to hear from them. It’s a government institution.

Next is the DNS servers: It’s compulsory to fill two. What his means is, you should have gotten your hosting already before filling this form. I host at namecheap, So I put their DNS Servers




When all is set, click on:

You should see the below message:

It’s a big lie!! Don’t wait! No support team will contact you. You will rot! I’v spend over a month, with two follow up mails. Nothing meaning yet.

So, this is the first step. Hope to hear from them so I can know the next step to take, especially where to submit the company documents.

Needless to say:

I’m Kaunda, I just love the Internet

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