We continued with the Internet & Website Overview we started on DAY 3.
Typically, we discussed:

Domain names (Website name)
We learn about What it is (example is webextremist.com). It’s just your website name

What to consider when buying domain name
The length:
It should not be too long. I recommend maximum length of 15 letters
WHY should it be short?

  • The answers are simple:
  • That limit errors people will do when typing it.
  • So that people can memorize it
  • The maximum length ur twitter handle can have is 15. So don’t use long domain.

Remember: The best practice is to have your website name same as your twitter handle, same as your skype name, same as your Facebook handle, same as your email.
Don’t include abnormal letters.
Ideal, don’t include numbers, or any abnormal characters (like -,.,_, etc). But when it’s so hard to get a good name. U can use (-) in it:
The reason to avoid them is simple: 56% of people that access websites use either smartphone or table (According to StartCounter.com, 2018). So give them clean website name. It’s frustrating if users have to switch between alphabets and numeric when typing.

We also talked about how long u should register the domain name
It all depends on what u want to use the domain name for… If it’s just to build a website for a short conference, after which u won’t need it … or it’s just a website to collect data for a period, after which u won’t need it then u can register for short period. Like a year.

Also, ff you don’t have the money to register more years too, then u can register for year.

Aside the above reasons, it’s actually good to register domain name for more years.

  • The more the years, the less the yearly pay. You can register it up to 10 years. Your host may have its own limit though.
  • Google like to see domain names that have existed for long. It’s a sign of existing business.

In fact, you can only ignore Google if your website is targeting the Dark Web. Other than that, u will need a space in your heart for Mr Google.
There is something called Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
The simplest way to explain that is.
Google ranks all websites in the world using very complex marking scheme.

How do you get first position in that ranking?

Everything u need to do without bribing Google in order to get that first position is called Search Engine optimization.

What do you need this first position for?
Anything u search for something using Google Search Engine, the answers u get is based on that rankings.
Wikipedia is really doing well. Anytime I do search it seems to get number 1
Google has sworn heaven and earth NOT to make his marking scheme public. That marking scheme is technically called “Search Engine algorithm”

“The search algorithms used in many companies are trade secrets”. Yuval Feinstein, Algorithmic Software Engineer in NLP, IR and Machine Learning.
That is true! It’s a trade secret.
But occasionally, Google shares with us some tips… Kind of BEST PRACTICE
One of such tips is “If your domain name has existed for long. Google gives you small mark” So it’s good to register domain for more years.

It’s actually NOT google alone, All search engines in the world do their own ranking..

  • Yahoo does it.
  • Bing does it.
  • Baidu does it.
  • Yandex Ru does it.
  • Shenma does it..
  • Ask.com does it.
  • AOL.com does it.
  • Wolframalpha.com does it.
  • DuckDuckGo does it.
  • TorSearch does it


You can find dozens of search engines here.
They all do their own ranking.
So why must you focus on making Google happy OR try to answer only questions from Google?
There are two main reasons
Reason (1):

Google has the large percentage share of search engine market

  • Google 91.65%
  • Bing 2.71%
  • Yahoo! 1.94%
  • Baidu 1.28%
  • YANDEX RU 0.63%
  • Shenma 0.61%

If 91.65% of people who search online uses Google Search Engine. Why waste much time learning others marking scheme?

Reason (2):

Other search engines sometimes uses Google’s criteria when ranking. They just modify it small.
So if Google is fine with you, others will likely be fine with you too. Actually, in October 2015, Yahoo signed a deal with Google, in that deal, google will provide results to some of the searches done at yahoo.
It’s like this: When you make a search in Yahoo, yahoo will secretly send that search to Google. Google will find the Answer and secretly send it back to Yahoo. Then yahoo will show to the user as if they did the whole work. It’s not them, it actually came from google.

Another thing we learned is Domain Name Life Cycle.
Yes!! Just like mosquitos have life cycle. Just like human being, Domain names also have it.
Assuming the website name (domain name) is registered for 3 years

The life cycle starts from when its available.
You first search to see if it’s available. Then you register it (You can search it here http://dtechghana.com/domain-names/)
A normal .com, .org, .net cost less than $20. That includes NHIS Lavy (Assuming you are buying from a Ghanaian company)

There is 5-day period called Add Grace Period(AGP). It starts right after registration. In this period, your registration can be reversed if something goes bad. And if you are lucky, your money will be refunded. It all depends on the reason.
After the 5 days, we can confidently say Its “Registered“!! And you have total control.

For the next 3 years, it’s all yours.
Exactly 3 years, it will expire! They will block it. it normally happens at midnight.
When someone try accessing it, will be told it’s expired. Click here to Renew
You have about 35 days to do that renewal. Your website will still be intact but not visible to the public. And it will come back after renewal. In this period, no one can renew it except you. And there is no penalty in renewing it.
This 35 days’ period is called Auto-Renewal Grace Period.

The next life of the domain name is Redemption Grace Period
That means it’s in terrible situation and u need to redeem it. It’s about to go to Recycle Bin. Only you can still renew it. BUT with Penalty!! The cost depends on the domain name– .com, .net, .org,.com.gh, .edu.gh. Budget around $200.00

From Redemption Period, it moves to Pending Delete period. it spends about 5 days here. You cannot renew it again! Not even the owner.
After 5 days, it will be deleted from all records. it will be made available to the general public again…and anyone can register it.

The next person to register it depends on who is fast enough.

Yesterday, we discussed how fast you should be…especially if your website name is popular…
People are always checking domain status to know which ones are in pending delete.

You can setup a complete company to be catching website names as they expire. We discoursed all that.

What kind of business can we do online with just what we have lean?
with the skills we have now, we can go into

  • Domain name trading
  • Digital Identity Manager

God willing, TODAY we will lean now to protect ourselves online. We will also learn how to create business email like info@webextremist.com or ceo@kofiabrante.com

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