Starting next week, God willing, I will be releasing weekly Post about the Internet Wee Base.

By Wee Base, I mean where horrible things are done on the Internet. Trust me, the Internet is more bad than we think. But what man for do? Should we stop using it. Should we stop our children from using it. Big NO!

The world we living in is equally bad but we haven’t hang ourselves. The reason is, we know where to go and where NOT . Occasionally, we miss our steps and directions and land ourselves in jail, trouble,fight,corruption, etc but at least, for most part, we know our GOs and DONTGOs.

Unfortunately, it’s not the same on the Internet. The Internet is a NEW World and most of us don’t know how terrible it is. It’s as terrible as the World we living in. Both the good and the bad.

Our focus in this series of articles will be the BAD side. That’s the areas where REAL bad things happen on the Internet. The “Wee Base”


This Wee Base is technically called the Dark Web.

Others say it’s also called the Deep Web. In that sense, Dark Web is came as Deep Web.

Others say Dark Web and Deep Web are both bad areas on the Internet but Dark Web is more Bad than the Deep Web. In this sense, Dark Web is different from Deep Web

Surface Web
For we the “ordinary users of the Internet”. Everything we know forms what’s called the Surface We.

By everything we know, I mean

  1. The over 1 Billion websites in in the world
  2. Everything on Youtube (About 300hr of videos are uploaded every minute.)
  3. All other videos uploaded
    –The Internet Archive.
    –Screen Junkies.
    –The Open Video Project.
  4. All games u can download
  5. Everything on Torrent sites
  6. All videos/content/documentary ON BBC, NY Times, Algazeera, GBC, Telegraph, CNN, RT, myhoyonline, ModernGhana, Citifmonline,Adomonlilne, etc.
  7. All content radion stations and TV stations in the World have streamed so far
  8. All Porm sites (Don’t think Porm is bad so the porn sites are part of th Dark Web.. Just relax for the series of articles. You aren’t see nothing yet)
  9. All Selfies we’ve uploaded online
  10. Everything in Google Play, Apple Store, Microsoft Store, Amazon,DrobBox

In fact, everything you can access through or or .gh or .net or .tech or .ml or .china or or .anything is part of the Surface Web.

And you know what?

We are told the Surface Web forms just 5% of the whole Internet. What that means is, the Dark Web (The part of the Internet that we don’t know) forms the remaining 95%. Others say no one knows what % forms the Dark Web.

I’m not scaring you Mr Reader, that’s it. That place is large and bad!

The below image gives a rough idea of the Surface Web in relation to the Dark Web

Image 1:

Image 2:

Hey! some good things happen there too. Depending on which spectacle you wearing.

  • People organize there to prepare an uprising, when Facebook, twitter, etc are blocked in their countries.
  • It’s a hideout for Political Activist.
  • There are lots of libraries there (unfortunately, some of the books are seriously terrible. How to prepare a Bomb. How to Kill People the hard way, How to Toucher children for Fun.Hard Core Drugs 2018, etc

The purpose of unveiling this dark side of the web is simple: Purely Educational

Parents need to know what’s happening in this New World. Government agencies must know.

Something terrible, is going on in our SHS and Tertiary schools.

Hopefully, the Nation can find a solution around it.

Keep fingers crossed. Interesting time ahead. It’s a silkyroad but we will pass on it.


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