As part of our Digital Entrepreneurship Training, We teach Web Analytics…
In short, you are analyzing the behavior of people that visits your website or your page
The images below gives a clue of reports you can get from your analysis
Example, assuming you have a website
  • How many visits the site everyday or every week or every month or every year
  • Where are they visiting your site from? Kumasi? Accra? Ghana? Africa? USA? China? or India?
  • With what device are they visiting your site? Tablet ? Desktop? or Mobile phone?
  • Which page are they visiting most? and how many miniutes they spend on it
  • How best are you achieving the sites goal?
It doesn’t matter your profession, If you have the skills to do this. You will make it big online.
In any company you are, you can be their Digital Manager. Not a manager that only post on Facebook, but a Digital Manager that does analytics of the Company’s online presence.
Every management need this information to know where to channel their marketing effort. 
You can approach any company and propose doing this analytics for them… You dont have to be there at the company. You can do it at home, at your convenience and present the report to them. So fun!!
Let’s meet at ICL COLLEGE to learn more. The tools you will need and how best to do the analysis.
Not just Web analytics, you will also learn
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Domain Name Trading
  • Digital Currency Trading
  • Blogging & Content Curation
  • and dozens of other
In case it sounds good to you, then you are the right target
How do you join?
There are two modules
  1. Module 1: OnlineThis module is completely free. It’s instant..but you must do two things  to qualify
    1. Like our Facebook page
    2. Install Telegram and join our online group at You can also connect on 0234 90 10 80
  2. Module 2: Office
    1. Kumasi Venue:  ICL COLLEGE, Airport Aroundabout
    2. Accra Venue :  3rd Nii Darko Street,North Kaneshie-Point 4
The Offline Module Cost GHS 500.00. That is the coolest Price in Ghana. I gurantee you. But don’t take my words, do your personal survey 🙂
–Bonus for Offline Module:
–Free Business Website
–Free one year hosting
–Free 2TB Digital Content
–20, 000 Unique Emails for Email Marketing
In Kumasi, it’s already under way, In Accra, will be coming soon.
Below are sample images of WEB ANALYSIS DASHBOARD