Astonishing features in Facebook. I never knew

I don’t know when that thought started, but I’ve always had the mind that FACEBOOK DE333, it’s for socializing. Not a business platform

When clients ask, where should I put my focus…. Without scratching my head, my first response is LinkedIn (LI)….

Of course, there is prove.

In 2017, I had 5 direct job offers from LinkedIn. And none from Facebook. 2016 I had about 3.

And it’s all clear when u browsing the sites.

The content you see; the content your friends share. The type of commend people make all point to the fact that

LinkedIn is really for business, and Facebook is really for fun.

I sometimes have to edit things I post on Facebook to meet the professional settings of LinkedIn.

My view towards Facebook is more clear when you compare my activities on both Platforms.

  • I have 745 followers on Facebook.
  • I have over 7000 friends on LinkedIn


  • I get about 10 FB Request in a week (excluding spiritual malams).
  • I get about 50 LI request in a week on.


  • I have 21 followers on FB
  • On LI, all your friends automatically follow you, Therefore I have over 7000 followers on there

When you post your nice personal picture on LI, the caption really counts. If your profession is not FASHION, you are dead! The whole community will bounce on you.

It happened to me before. Three years ago, I posted something funny there. To my surprise, no one laughed. I was told to send that nonsense to Facebook. Since then I’m always serious on that platform.

Back November 2017 there about, Juliet Yaa Asantewa Asante posted a nice picture on LinkedIn.

My first comment was. TAKE THAT nonsense to FACEBOOK.

She got offended and we had a bit of rant but hey! that’s it! We’ve all bn told to take that nonsense to Facebook.

I later checked her profile and realized she’s a popular film actor. You can’t blame me; I hardly watch movie. And you can clearly see I don’t even know the difference between Actor and Actress.


My view towards Facebook has always being a place where nonsense is taking to until two months ago. The Chairman of CGIK Foundation contacted me. That he wants to broadcast on Facebook. I should teach him how to do it.

Glad my simple rule saved me…

When I don’t know, I say it so quick “I don’t know“. That is my simple rule. It’s kind of default settings in me. Sometimes 10 seconds after saying “I don’t’ know” …will realize I actually know it to the core!

But this time round, I really don’t know how to broadcast to Facebook!

I told him I’ve never broadcast before. I’m not a fun or video/video or multimedia stuff guy. I’m a terrible designer. I only do little editing when necessary

So I said, “Lemme read around it to see how’s done”

He said ok!

Note: It’s NOT Facebook Live! Where you will click a button and give access to your camera and microphone then Viola!!

I don’t mean going here to broadcast live

What he wanted is a little different.

Let’s say you find a nice video on YouTube. How do you broadcast that YouTube video live on your Facebook page or any social handle of your choice?

With this type of broadcasting, you can be sleeping and it will still be broadcasting. That is what he wanted

That is how you are able to watch kumkum bagia on YouTube. That is how you are able to watch Live, the 6th March 2018 on Myjoyonline Facebook Channel. That is how you are able to watch Live, the rescue of kids in Syria.

In short, you can be watching Movie on your computer, and that movie will be showing on your Facebook Page. That is what the CGIK Foundation chairman wanted to do. You can also add other information to the video, Example: Your Business Logo at the upper right, your business Name at the lower left. You can even add translation of the video, or Commentary (Like how Kwabena GNTC does when he shows Chinese Movies). I hope you know what I mean

Hey! not just movies, you can stream GAMES you play on your computer on your Facebook Page, you can do Tutorials on YouTube that way too.

It’s quite different from showing lipsticks!


How is that done?

Adom, Myjoyonline, Aljazeera, BBC, GhanaWeb, Russia Today will definitely have complex systems to broadcast on Facebook and good engineers behind it to give out the best of quality. Both in sounds and graphic

But me, Ordinary Kaunda, in my one corner, I must find the easiest way.

First thing I realized is, Facebook has API for developers to integrate. “I said Saa? 3y3 fine paa”

If you know what API is fine! But in case you don’t. The full meaning is Application Programmable Interface.

Don’t bother yourself memorizing it, google will always be there for us.

Just take it as a “Secret Code” that Facebook uses to communicate with other systems. Unfortunately, this Code can be very long. It’s not 4-digit code,

In case you have a Facebook Page or you manage someone’s, you can get your API from

Open your Page->Go to Publishing Tools -> Go to Live

the code below the STREAM KEY is your Page’s API

One of page I’m Admin has this as STREAM KEY: 761357080741375?ds=1&a=ATh4GxxxxxxxD7N


Never share this key in public. That is why I have replaced some part with xxxxxxxx

Anyone who gets access to this code, with little broadcasting skills, will be able to publish to your page. Without you knowing. Or without your consent

You will sleep Saturday night and wake up Sunday morning, singing hymns and praises, ready for church, only to realize your page has broadcast 1hr porn video over the night. And all your friends are asking WHY WHY WHY?

You will not have any answer to give them. There is nothing you will say and they will trust you again.

And you can never testify in Court that U NEVER DID IT. Because it’s your page!!!


This API was a great discovery for me!!

Then Facebook has likely gone beyond the ability to let us share “the food we like best”. I said to myself

I began to give Facebook “Close marking

Now, let’s move on!

Google Never Fails! I rushed to it.

After getting the API, I asked Google, “What is next?”

Idiot, you need a Live Streaming Software, Google replied

With Google’s assistance,

I found several of such software. But mostly I prefer Open Source Tools. So I settled on OBS (Open Broadcasting Software)

On their website(, it says

“Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming.

Download and start streaming quickly and easily on Windows, Mac or Linux”

I downloaded it, it’s 99.98 MB

The below screen shows other Broadcasting Software. Some for sale, some for free.

Now, I have the two tools needed.

  1. The Facebook Page API
  2. Streaming Software


What is NEXT?

The next step is to link the API from Facebook to the Streaming Software

How do I do it?

Still, Google my helper! But specifically, this time it was YouTube… hundreds of videos on how to Link your Facebook API to OBS

In less than 30min,

I was Broadcasting JANKA TOWN PART 1 on Facebook… Right from my old HP Probook 4540s

Below it, I wrote. Trying broadcast 1…2…3 !!!


The Quality of the broadcast depends on:

  • The power of your computer
  • The strength of your internet connectivity
  • Your technical skills

I don’t have the best of any! But my broadcast was good enough to lure a Red Devil to believing that hey! I’m a geek!

The API was the first discovery!


As said above,

This “Live Broadcasting” made me give Facebook a “close marking

But today! 6th March 2018!!

I have given FACEBOOK 99% Thumbs UP!! It’s good for business. We will take our nonsense from LinkedIn elsewhere. Probably

And will recommend to any business that Don’t only focus on LinkedIn, Focus on Facebook too

What discovery happened today?

It’s simple! Not as huge as the API. But it speaks a lot about Facebook business mind!

Can’t remember how it happened, But I found myself browsing through my page

This page has no single LIKE! Of course, I lost interest after creating it.

Will do my best to revive it.

  • At the upper right of that page is [Setting]
  • At upper left is General. just below the page Inbox
  • Below the General is [Messaging]
  • Below the [Messaging] is where I found few features that is really good for business. Which I never knew


It’s titled “Response Assistant

Send Instant Replies to anyone who messages your Page

Instant Replies are a good way to let people know that you’ll respond soon

I quickly fix this message:

“Hi NameOfPerson, Glad we’re connected:) We will get in touch with you very soon…. You can leave your message. If it’s that urgent, then kindly call 023 480 9010 Thanks –”

Facebook will automatically pick the name of the person who contact you and fix it after the Hi. This makes the message personal.

Feature 2: Response Time

You can automatically tell people how quick your response to message is…

The first time I saw this feature was when I tried chatting HE, Former President, John Mahama.

Sometimes back, he made a post relating to donation he did to the family of Late Soldier Adam Mahama. Then he edited the post.

When I checked the edit history, I realized in the first post, he stated how much he donated to the family for their up keep. And he later deleted that donation portion.

So I chat him why he deleted the donation part.

When I opened his Chat Window, a message showed, Telling me

“Typically takes a week or more to reply”

I stood for a while and said to myself… Ahhh well! He is an “Ogoro” and also a Tech Guy, maybe they he is using Paid version of Facebook.

Little did I know it’s just a little feature you have to switch ON. I found that today. How dump I am

There are two main options to set this feature

  • You can set a time
  • You can allow Facebook to decide how often you respond to messages.

I told Facebook to decide for me

Feature 3: Stay responsive when you can’t get to your computer or phone.

Let customers know that you will respond soon and keep your responsiveness rating, any time you’re away.

This third feature is in email. You can tell people you are not available to read their mail when you are away from internet access.

That was the Mail I had when I wrote to Ministry of Youth and Sports during my survey last month…

I wrote to them, and other 27 ministries with the simple question:

“What is your digital Address please? I want to direct someone to your office, BTW, I’m kaunda from Wamfie, Dormaa East-B/A”.

Of course, I was not directing anyone. Just wanted to see if they have set it, after all the media hype.
One actually told me to use Google Map Direction.

You can read detail of that little survey here

Ministry of Youth and Sports gave Auto Response saying “Thanks for contacting us, we are analyzing your message, we will get back to you soon

I said F**k!! This simple question too you are analyzing???

The thing is, it was some idiot computer that replied.

If you even say “How are you Ministry

You will still get the message “Thanks for contacting us, we are analyzing your message, we will get back to you soon

What I’m actually drumming home is; If you will set auto response, either in email or here on Facebook, Make sure it’s Generic, as much as possible. Your auto reply will not make sense in all mails. But try to generalize it. So it will make sense to most.

I fixed this in my page:

“Hi NameOfPerson, thanks for your message. We are not here right now, but we’ll get back to you soon!”

Feature 4: Show a Messenger Greeting

Create a greeting that people will see the first time they open a conversation with you on Messenger.

I quickly fixed this

“Hi NameOfPerson, Thanks for getting in touch with us. Please send us any questions you may have. We do Digital Entreprenueship Training –

It’s really easy to get these things done. By default, they are switched OFF. You just have to click ON to on it. Then fix your custom message. Below is the screen shot

In conclusion

With these two features

  • Live Broadcasting via API
  • Response Assistant

My view on Facebook is changed. They might be old features but I just found them. If you know them already, that is great. If it’s your first time, give a try… I’m always Hi Away if you face challenge.

Needless to say, I’m running Digital Entrepreneurship Training here at It’s a telegram group. You can either follow the link to join OR Hi me on Telegram (0234 80 90 10), and I will add you to the group.

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