Vaccine against Bad Rabbit RansomeWare

Cybereason researcher Amit Serper has developed a vaccine to prevent the Bad Rabbit data-encrypting malware from infecting machines. Bad Rabbit, which spread across Europe on Tuesday, targets enterprise networks by employing similar methods that NotPetya used to infect computers around the globe in June. Bad Rabbit’s full impact is still unknown. So far, the attack…

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Account Killer Dot Com

Super simple instructions to delete just about any online account or profile You are being watched. Private, commercial and state-sponsored organizations are monitoring and recording your online activities. Follow the steps on this to delete your unwanted online account

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youtube marketing ghana Internet Business

YouTube Marketing. 7-step sequence

Video is where the web is going. The move toward video has reached critical mass. It’s at a tipping point where the momentum will swing and things will all start to speed up. Youtube Marketing is the the leader in the video industry For online and offline Business owners and internet marketers, YouTube Marketing is…

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